The loungeroom home for the discussion Group limits it’s numbers to 10, with up to 15 with all group wearing masks. If not wearing a mask then must be next to a person(s) who is. Exemptions are: unable to breathe, eating &/or drinking, communicating with a hearing impaired person. If you arrive after the limit has been reached then you will be asked to leave.

A fascinating look at how other people see things and a marvellous opportunity to voice your own thoughts to an interested audience. No subject is taboo and conversation is always stimulating. Half an hour is devoted to an impromptu question, and an hour or more is on national, international and local events of the week. New members are always most welcome. 

Fridays 9.30am until 11.30am – Cost $4.00  includes coffee or tea and biscuits

    “We come to Discussion Group because we enjoy the company and the stimulating discussions. We come here as an outlet to discuss things that matter to us. It’s always interesting to hear different opinions”…V