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Long Jetty Over 50’s Club is STAYING OPEN

October 20th: Yesterday the Committee of Management held it’s very important meeting & made the decision to stay open after the current trial period ends on Friday 23rd Oct. Depending on the availability of volunteers to become COVID Marshalls, to man our Duty Desk & to work  in our kitchen we will open next Monday with the aim to increase activity numbers where space permits, offer the chance for a few other activities to start again & to increase services when possible.

Reopening of Long Jetty Over 50’s Club

October 7th: The Club reopened yesterday after a closure of nearly 7 months. How our club operates is limited by the fact that the Committee of Management is committed to making sure that the principles of our COVID Safety Plan, which is based on Social Distancing, Hygiene & Cleaning, Record Keeping & Wellness of all people entering the facility, is practiced at all times while the club is open. Please help to put a smile on our COVID Marshall’s faces while they are doing their best to keep us all safe from this vicious virus that has changed the way that we have to live our lives both now & for an unknown time into our future.
For more detail, the activity program & “Our Information for Members” go to Reopening Talk

Temporary Closure of Long Jetty Over 50s Club

September 2nd: The Committee of Management has released plans for reopening for a trial period 6th-23rd October, 2020. For details go to Reopening Talk as above.

August 25th: The Committee of Management continues to meet regularly to work through the difficult process of planning a successful re-opening of our club on Tuesday, 6th October. So please be patient as we work through this challenge to keep you, the person next to you & our facility COVIDSafe.

August 11th: Long Jetty Over 50s Club is now a registered COVID Safe Business & the Committee of Management is now concentrating on developing a plan that will enable us to implement COVID Safe principles with the resources that we have.

June 15th: The Committee of Management had a General Meeting today. Once again the question of re-opening was discussed. The necessity of social distancing & considering the fact that the majority of our volunteers & members are an “at risk” group, the decision on when to re-open was again deferred until their meeting on 31st August, 2020.

May 20th: The Committee of Management of Long Jetty Over 50s Club for Leisure & Learning Inc will meet on Monday, 31st August, 2020 to discuss re-opening. It will take into consideration Central Coast Council Guidelines & how to safely re-open our club for all our members before a decision is made on a re-opening date.

March 25th: The situation with COVID-19 continues to develop therefore it is extremely unlikely that the Club will reopen on April 20th as planned. It is impossible to predict a reopening date at the moment & the Committee of Management will be guided by advice received from Central Coast Council.

All our activities are therefore suspended & the premises closed to all users.

March 17th: Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the need to protect our volunteers and members the Committee of Management made the decision to close the club from Wednesday, 18th March. At the moment the plan is to reopen on Monday, 20th April 2020.