Long Jetty Over 50s Club

Starting in 1976

Long Jetty Senior Citizens Club has been completely run by volunteers from the day it was opened, there has never been a salaried person employed there.

Australia is world famous for our wonderful volunteers and here is another example of which to be proud.

A Small history of Long Jetty and Districts Senior Citizens Club – Taken from the documents of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

During the 1970’s there was a growing awareness to provide educational and entertainment facilities for the ever increasing number of Senior Citizens that were settling in the Central coast area.

Wyong Council erected at Thompson Street Long Jetty a magnificent brick building with a large auditorium, kitchen facilities, stage and offices for the benefit of members.

The centre was opened on the 25th June 1976 by Barry Cohen M.P. in the presence of shire President Tim Farrell. The lounge was named the Redwood lounge to honour Charles Redwood who undertook to promote recreation and education to members.

Membership was $1.00 per annum and activities were 10 cents per session.

The first committee was elected on the 10th December 1976 consisting of

Herbert Howard           President

Mr F Petty                   V/President

Mrs M Dunn                V/President

Mrs K Bradbury           Secretary

Mr C Bent                    Treasurer

Mrs J Simpson            Co-Ordinator

Different activities were held, music and singing, card games, library, dance lessons, day care, discussion group, yoga, bowls, handicraft, old time dancing, new vogue dancing.

With many more activities that have now been added since those days, extra room was required to house these extra activities.

Council acquired adjacent ground and tenders were called for a building separate to the main building.

The cost would be $175,840. Wyong Council donated $60,000 and granted a loan of $40,000 to be repaid in four years.

The remainder of $75,000 was raised by the magnificent efforts of the members, by raffles and various functions. To all those involved in those days of raising that amount of money was truly remarkable, and still remains today.

Diligent workers of the club that have made it one of the best Senior Citizens Clubs on the coast. (Well Done)!

We must not forget all the other committee members and Convenors who have diligently guided old and new members to hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

Today 20 years on, the club is a club to suit all members. We trust the next 20 years will see big improvements on today’s activities.

We again must give credit to the foundation members that have made this club one of the most prestigious Senior Citizens club on the coast

Many stories may be told over the years that the club has been in existence, but we must acknowledge the deeds of all the volunteers within the club. A great many of the activities though they may not be mentioned in this publication can be assured, to prosper our club they will have done their part.

Author Unknown

  30th Anniversary

Many activities continued to grow and new activities were also introduced.

June 1992 – New heaters were purchased for both buildings $7,200

September 1997 – April 1998 Renovations to Toilets and Kitchen $25,604

2002 – the main building was extended to cater for our increased computer activities and to enlarge our office space. The cost was $92,000 with Wyong Council agreeing to pay 50%

Sept – Oct 2006 New carpets purchased $12,900

2003 – Air conditioning purchased for both buildings $20,900

Above are just a few items of expenditure that members have provided funding for over the past 30 years.

Some of the club facilities we now enjoy are :

  • – Separate Bowls Hall
  • – Lounge area with 34 tables and seating for approx. 220 people
  • – A well equipped computer room consisting of 24 computers connected to broadband
  • – Library
  • – World Class dance floor
  • – Excellent Stage with sound equipment and lighting

These are just to name a few. To conclude, your club has served you all over  the past 30 years but would not be this successful without the many magnificent Volunteers who have put in a lot of hard work and their own time for the club to run so smoothly.

Ken Smith