A Sewing Machine at Friday Bytes!

A laptop & a Janome MC12000 were brought into Friday Bytes this week because there was a
problem uploading a design from the internet via the laptop to the embroidery machine.
The problem has proved a challenge to the group & is still a work in progress!

Computers at LJ/50s

Our Computer Room will re-open for Term 3 on Monday, 18th July

The programme will be available soon, so look out for classes, once again, in basic computers skills for both Windows & Mac Laptops, Microsoft Office programmes eg Word & PowerPoint, Photography for both Beginners & Advanced. On Friday afternoons we also have a social group for those interested in this world of computers.

As always we ask for suggestions, so please ring 4332 5522 & leave your contact details with one of our Duty Officers who will pass your message on.

Term 2, 26th April to 1st July, 2022 Computer Programme

Mon 9:30 – 11:30am
Apple Laptops with Ken
Ken will help you increase/improve your Apple skills. You will need to bring your own Apple laptop, fully charged to the class.
Mon 9:30 – 11:30am
LEARN HOW TO USE A COMPUTER & increase your skills with Betty Brown.
If you’ve never used a computer, you will soon become a competent and confident user. If you have a basic knowledge you will be shown how to increase your skills by linking Windows 10 to other programmes.
Tues 9:30 – 11:30am
Tues AM Photo Group with Ken
This class is perfect for people who want to take “better” photos and want to learn how to use your imagination to produce better camera shots. It also includes some lessons on how to mount your photos in a professional manner.
Tues AM Photo Gp 2022
Photo Collage
Wed 9:30 – 11:30am
This is very “hands-on” as some of the different programmes such as WORD, POWERPOINT and PUBLISHER are used to make a wide variety of projects. You will produce a slideshow, a video, cartoons, pictures, flyers etc. It is an excellent opportunity to use your imagination to produce colourful and vibrant art works.
Wed 12:30 – 2:30pm
Reggie will show you how all the little knobs and buttons are on your camera can be used to produce much more vibrant photos. She will also introduce you to a programme that will give you tools to remedy the ‘mistakes’ you’ve made.
Fri 12 – 2:30pm
FRIDAY BYTES with Stuart and Judith.
We are a group who like to talk computers and what’s new in computer technology. If you’re a bit of a computer “nerd”, or just someone who has an interest in these new devices that are now part of our lives, this might be a great way for you to use a Friday afternoon.
So come along, bring your device, fully charged & join us.
Updated 19.4.22

Fee is $5 includes Morning or Afternoon Tea

We are asking for Expressions of Interest for Computer Classes.
Please contact
Desk on 43325522