Tai Chi

Tai Chi is now limited to 40 plus Instructor. If you arrive after limit has been reached then you will be asked to leave.

Tai Chi:  Stress reduction, balance, agility and more

Tai Chi is a series of gentle movements that can bring about stress reduction, improved balance and many other health benefits: Find out what Tai Chi is all about.

As we age our body slows down a little so the benefits of practicing the slow gentle “moving meditation” of  Tai Chi are endless as many seniors on the Central Coast are discovering.

Long Jetty Seniors Club have two Tai Chi classes each week – Tuesday and Friday starting at 12.00.  Our dedicated instructors have had many years experience and encourage beginners to learn at their own speed and level of fitness.

Modified Yang style Tai Chi is practiced and as you progress you can also learn other forms eg: the Goose, Sword and Fan.

Our classes are friendly and beginners are made to feel welcome so come along, enjoy the half hour warm up exercises followed by a Tai Chi class and make up your own mind.

Tuesdays  12—2:00pm
Fridays 12—2:00pm

Cost $4.00 includes tea or coffee and biscuits

“I joined the club because I knew that they had TAI CHI, which of course opened up a whole new world for me. I still do Tai Chi with it’s calm, circular movements. Great for the soul and balance”….D    


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