iPhones & iPads

No current classes available

Many people have an iPhone or iPad, but how many really know what are all the possibilities in “Settings” for example, or the extent of things we can do with it.
Well, here is a class that can answer some or all of your questions. It’s a class that runs in a block of 4-weeks. As each session is linked to the next, it is necessary to attend all classes to get the full benefit of the course. It’s definitely a “hands-on” experience, so you will need to bring your device along (fully charged, as power points are not available). You also definitely need to bring your Apple ID

Your Tutor is Sue Lawson. There will be an activity fee charge of $4 per lesson, which includes afternoon tea plus $5 for the course notes.

Because the class will be held in the Lounge room, it will be a “small group” situation and numbers limited to 9 participants only. You need to book-in with the duty officer by phoning 4332 5522.

Starts 4th November, 2020 for 4 weeks from 1:00 – 3:00pm so don’t delay.

PS: Of course we have a COVID Safety Plan in operation at all times, so please remember social distancing, hand sanitiser use & cough etiquette. If you have flu-like symptoms or have been advised to be in self-isolation please stay home.