COVID Safety in ACTION @ LJ/50s

To all the Members of Long Jetty Over 50’s Club for Leisure & Learning Inc
COVID Safety Plan in Action
From 5th January, 2021

The need for Physical Distancing, Hygiene & Cleaning, Record Keeping & Checking Wellness on entry is the basis on how the club will be operated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The entry door to the club will be the back door opposite the bowls hall. This is the entry that will allow protection from the weather if queueing is necessary prior to entry. The exit door will be one of the double doors next to the entry door. It will not be possible to enter or exit through the front automatic door.

A COVID Marshall, easily identifiable in his/her hi-vis vest, will be greeting you on arrival at the club.
• You will be asked
 Are you experiencing or have you recently experienced any flu like symptoms such as runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, headache, aches and pains, shortness of breath?
 Are you currently required to be in self isolation due to travel or potential contact with COVID-19?

• If you are coming to attend an activity then the COVID Marshall will be checking that you are on your activity list. You will have needed to pre-book by phoning the Duty Desk, on 4332 5522. It is not possible for you to book-in for your friends. Activity numbers are restricted to comply with the NSW Gov requirement & 1.5m social distancing.

• Your tracing details will be collected electronically on entry
 Using our QR code on Service NSW app COVID Check-in if you have a smart phone
 Alternatively, your tracing details will be collected in an electronic format, able to be made accessible to NSW tracers within 4 hrs of request, stored securely & deleted after 28 days.

• Mask wearing (covering both nose & mouth) in the club is mandatory. If you cannot wear a mask, for whatever reason, then you are advised to stay home as you will be denied entry. *

• Having the COVID Safe app on your phone is still recommended
• You will be required to use hand sanitiser on entry

Once you have entered the club then you will be required to proceed to your activity area, following the direction arrows & keeping 1.5m separation from others.

During your activity, names & membership numbers will be recorded in the activity book, by the convenor or their delegate, complying with the requirement to minimise sharing of equipment. The activity fees will be collected at this time. Please try to have correct change which is to comply with minimizing the handling of cash as much as possible.

Please remember to maintain social distancing, hand sanitisation & mask wearing.

It will be necessary for you to leave the club as soon as possible once your activity is over. Your convenor, or another trained person, will be responsible for the cleaning & disinfecting of all the touched & potentially touched surfaces in your activity area.

Morning/afternoon teas, if included in your activity fee, will be served in your activity area by a kitchen assistant or another delegated person. You can still bring your own water, thermos & mug.

The library will open for borrowing. There will only be one person allowed in each library area for browsing. There will be a container near the club’s entry door for any returned books & DVDs, which will be quarantined for 3 days.

Please help us to keep you, the person next to you & our facility COVID Safe until the time comes when we will all be safe from the risk of infection.

The club will close for 3 days, then cleaned if we are notified to do so.

Committee of Management, 4th January, 2021

* 4th January, 2021 changes