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From Monday, 26th October, there will be some changes to details on this page. The website will be updated as soon as possible.

1…Activity Program for 6th – 23rd October
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2…For Members of Long Jetty Over 50’s Club – COVID Safety Plan in Action.

COVID Safety in Action
Activities for Trial period of 3 weeks from 6th October

Activity attendance will be by Convenor’s Invitation only.
Bowls Hall & Computer Room closed; all group sizes limited
Suspended Activities: Indoor Bowls, MahJong, Canasta, RummyKub, Dance, Concert, Table Tennis – Evenings, & Computer Skills (Monday afternoon)
No Instructor – Zumba (until 2021), Yoga – Monday, Gentle Exercise-Tues
It will not be possible to become a new member during trial

Monday9:30-11:30Apple Laptops with Ken
Off campus *
9:30-10:30Yoga – Chair with Tracey
1-3:00Table Tennis with Jerry
9:30-11:30Camera Club
Off campus *
9:30-10:30Yoga – Chair with Tracey
9:30-11:30UFOs with Dianne
11:30-12:30Tai-Chi – Advanced with June
1-2:00Tai-Chi – Beginners with June
2:30-4:00Line Dancing with Norma
Wednesday9:30-10:30Yoga with Linda & Jenny
9:30-11:30Handicrafts with Irene
1-3:00Ukulele with Stuart
Off campus *
Thursday9:30-11:30 (15.10.20)Card Making with Lucy & Judith
9-11:30Art with June
Friday9:30-10:30Gentle Exercise with Tina
9:30-11:30Discussion with Lorraine
12-2:30Friday Bytes with Stuart & Judith
11:30-12:30Tai Chi with Maryse
1-2:00Tai Chi with Maryse
* for more information see “Contact Us” Page for email address

For Members of Long Jetty Over 50’s Club for Leisure & Learning Inc – COVID Safety Plan in Action

The need for Physical Distancing, Hygiene & Cleaning, Record Keeping & Checking Wellness on entry is the basis on how the club will be operated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The entry door to the club will be the back door, opposite the bowls hall. This is the entry that will allow protection from the weather if queueing is necessary prior to entry. The exit door will be one of the double doors next to the entry door. It will not be possible to enter or exit through the front automatic door.

A COVID Marshall, easily identifiable in his/her hi-vis vest, will be greeting you on arrival at the club.
• You will be asked
1. Are you experiencing or have you recently experienced any flu like symptoms such as runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, headache, aches and pains, shortness of breath?
2. Are you currently required to be in self isolation due to travel or potential contact with COVID-19?
• If you are coming to attend an activity then the COVID Marshall will be checking that you are on your convenor’s invitation list. Attendance at an activity will only be by invitation from your convenor to comply with the number restrictions in place at the time
• If masks are mandatory then you will be required to be wearing one
• Having the COVID Safe app on your phone is still recommended
• You will be required to use hand sanitiser on entry

Once you have entered the club then you will be required to proceed to your activity area, following the direction arrows & keeping 1.5m separation from others.

During your activity your convenor will record your details that are necessary for tracking, as required by NSW Government, in the case of an active case being identified associated with the club. These details will be kept in a secure place for 28 days, then shredded. Your convenor will also be collecting your activity fee. Please bring the correct amount because there will be no change available from the duty desk as has been the usual practice in the past. This is because of recommendations to avoid unnecessary handling of cash. During your activity please remember to maintain social distancing, hand sanitisation, cough etiquette & avoid touching your face if possible.

It will be necessary for you to leave the club as soon as possible once your activity is over. If the activity is in the morning then your convenor will be responsible for the cleaning & disinfecting of all the touched & potentially touched surfaces in your activity area.

The kitchen will be closed, at least initially, & it will be necessary for you to bring your own water, thermos & mug. The library will be closed for borrowing. There will be a container near the entry for any books & DVDS that are being returned.

If you have need to phone the club at any time when we are open it may be necessary for you to leave a message & the COVID Marshall will return your call as soon as possible.

The club will reopen on Tuesday, 6th October. The initial plan will be in operation for 3 weeks, the Committee of Management will be reviewing this on 19th October. Please help us to keep you, the person next to you & our facility COVID Safe until the time is reached when we will all be safe from the risk of infection.

Committee of Management, September 2020