Card Making

This group is back in action in the Lounge Room, limited to 10 people, up to 15 with all group wearing masks. If not wearing a mask must be next to person(s) wearing a mask. Exemptions: unable to breathe, eating &/or drinking, communicating with a hearing impaired person

Card Making 2021
February 18th
March 18th
April 22nd
May 13th
June 17th
July 15th
August 19th
September 2nd
October 7th
November 4th

Feeling creative?

Then come along to learn how to create the perfect card for that special occasion

* Thursday Mornings, once monthly from 9:30 to 11:30pm
* Cost is $11 per lesson includes morning tea
* All materials supplied for the lesson
* Bring your own toolkit
* NB: This is NOT a digital, computer based card making class

“If I was asked why I go to the CARD MAKING GROUP, I’d probably say for the social contact, to learn new techniques and the challenge of stretching my ”little arty talent“, a very nice class” ……… J